The Guardian Limited (TGL)
Financial Times
Lete Raha

Our Group’s print media company, The Guardian Limited (TGL) was the second private print publishing company to be formed in Tanzania. The first newspaper which TGL printed in 1994 was a daily Kiswahili language newspaper known as ‘Nipashe’ and today it is one of the leading newspapers in Tanzania.

Nipashe was followed by ‘The Guardian’ which is the leading daily English newspaper in Tanzania today. TGL also publishes and prints several other newspapers including ‘Nipashe Jumapili’, the ‘Guardian
on Sunday’ and ‘Taifa Letu’. In 2018 TGL began publishing a weekly newspaper targeting the business community in Tanzania called Financial Times which has become a big hit. TGL owns a large 2-hectare complex which houses its newsrooms and a modern printing press.

We have grown and developed along with printed media becoming the well-esta lished web offset printer it is today. We are committed to produce printed products of the highest standard and continues to invest in the technical and human resources necessary to maintain and ever improve this