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Independent Television - ITV Limited (ITVL) was formed in 1992 and since then has grown in leaps and bounds broadcasting terrestrially and through satellite.

ITVL broadcasts two television channels: ITV which is in Kiswahili and Capital Television channel broadcasts in English. ITV is Free to Air and a pioneer in the television industry on the Tanzania mainland. ITV has distinguished itself by providing content that is relevant to viewers, and has been recognised as a super brand by the Super Brands Councils and Consumers which is headquartered in the UK.

More than 75% of ITV’s programming is in Kiswahili and focuses on local issues and events thus enabling Tanzanian viewers to relate to the content. The highlight of ITV’s programming is its news which covers
issues and events arising from all over the country filed by our own news reporters and correspondents. The Capital Television channel was launched in 2009 to fill in gaps in demand from English speaking viewers and listeners.

ITVL has kept abreast with developments in technology by installing state-of-the-art digital equipment which includes outside broadcast facilities, automated transmission play- out and some of the most modern television studio facilities in Africa. ITVL owns a large 3 hectare built up complex in Dar es Salaam. EATV was initially launched as Channel 5 and also broadcasts to Kenya and Uganda. It is the favourite channel of East African youth and an important platform for forging a sense of ‘East Africanness’ among them and thereby bolstering legitimacy to the integration project of the East African Community.

ITVL also owns two radio channels both with dominant market share namely Radio One