IPP is a private owned group of companies founded by Dr. Reginald A. Mengi.
The origins of the IPP group of companies trace back to the early 1980.

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Print Media

The Guardian Limited (TGL) publishes several Kiswahili language newspapers…

Electronic Medias

Our Group owns two electronic media companies namely Independent Television…

Oil & Gas

Energy Tanzania Limited is an investment engine for IPP’s interests in…

Mining & Exploration

IPP owns Tanzanite Africa Limited, a gemstone mining company while Reef…


Bonite Bottlers Limited (BBL) is a leading manufacturer of Coca Cola beverages…

IT Consultancy & Services

Infocom Limited provides computer and online technology solutions for the…


To be the world’s most admired diversified company with regard to employee and customer satisfaction.


To provide sustainable and increasing value to clients, shareholders and staff, through a business model that continually innovates in all that it does.

Founder / Executive Chairman of IPP Group

Dr. Reginald Abraham Mengi

Founder / Executive Chairman of IPP Group

Despite being born into extreme poverty, Dr Reginald Mengi managed to study accountancy in the UK and qualified as a chartered accountant. In 1989 Dr Mengi left the prestigious audit firm of Cooper Brothers (later Coopers & Lybrand and now PriceWaterHouseCoopers- PWC), where he had risen to the position of Managing Partner and Chairman, to concentrate on his own businesses.

Today Dr Mengi is a prominent businessperson who is respected and recognised as the Founder, Owner and Executive Chairman of the IPP Group of Companies.

Dr Mengi is also business visionary who has been vocal about the importance of African businesses and their Governments embracing research, technology and innovation so as to reap the benefits of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Leading by example, Dr Mengi recently set up a company called IPP Research, Technology and Innovation Limited to invest in research, technology and innovation in Tanzania

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Our Companies

IPP Group owns several companies. Our innovative and dynamic approach has enabled us to become one of the most respected in East Africa.

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Our Projects

IPP Group of Companies Projects in Progress

IPP Research, Technology and Innovation Limited

We operate under the mandate of turning scientific knowledge to consumer technology in order to better the planet. We are…

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IPP Automobile Limited

We plan to engage in Automotive manufacturing (assembling of SKD). We have partnered with Hyundai Motors Corporation (HMC)…

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IPP Touchmate

IPP Touchmate is the IPP group foray into the world of communication technology. We are one of a kind phone, tablet and laptop…

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IPP Pharmaceuticals

The objectives of this new company are to initially manufacture various medicines and medical equipment adhering to national…

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IPP Angel Investors Limited

We provide capital for various business start-ups or business expansions that offer significant change to the society. We…

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IPP Agro limited

IPP Agro limited is a new company that focuses on carying out large scale,sustainable and environmetally responsible agricultural…

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"The human mind is our fundamental resource. Our business is composed not of land or buildings, not even in the capital invested, but the caliber of our people. The result? A group of people who work a little better every day in products, services and ideas.”

Dr. Reginald A. Mengi

Latest News

Company News and Events

Reginald Mengi: My goal is not to become East Africa’s richest man but to inspire others to be the best and take…

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TANZANIA has become the first country in East Africa to produce smartphones, thanks to 11.5bn/- investment between…

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IPP Chairmain and Founder Mr. Reginald Mengi has published an autobiography chronicling his journey from a humble background…

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